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    Join Today
    Join Today

    Be part of the solution. Join today...


    New NFFN Report On Nature Friendly Farmers and Covid-19

    Nature friendly farmers are busy throughout this crisis, helping to keep our shelves stocked and our countryside protected.?Find out more about how our farmers are supporting local communities during the pandemic and what you can do to help in our new report. Download the full report here.


    What is the Nature Friendly Farming Network?

    We are a group of farmers who have come together to champion a way of farming which is sustainable and good for nature. We come from a range of backgrounds big and small, organic and conventional and are passionate about ensuring our countryside is productive and bursting with wildlife. We hope you will join us to help highlight that farming and nature can go hand in hand. The network is open to farmers and the public alike and there is no cost to join. The NFFN will raise awareness of nature friendly farming, share insights and experience and work together for better policies for food and farming.

    This is a critical time for agriculture policy in the UK. Decisions made post-Brexit could ensure that British farming secures a sustainable future and does far more to help nature to survive and thrive. The Nature Friendly Farming Network wants to help its members have a strong voice in these important policy debates. We also want to inspire the public about a future where farmers and nature work hand in hand. We believe that by working together we can learn more, inspire more people and have a greater influence.? We hope that you will want to join us and sign up to our manifesto.

    For more information you can email us at:? info@

    Our Manifesto

    The landscape in the UK is shaped by farming. Yet not all change in recent times has been desirable; soils have been depleted, water courses degraded and nature has struggled to cope with the pace of change. We have seen declines in over 600 farmland species over the last 50 years. However, many farms are bucking this trend. Soils are being restored, nature is thriving and if more follow this lead we can reverse these declines. With over 70% of the UK being farmland, we need to act now to deliver for wildlife at a landscape scale.

    This manifesto seeks to unite the many farmers who are passionate about wildlife and sustainable farming by providing a collective way forward: creating a nature friendly farming network.

    Nature Friendly Farming Network

    • Our network will engender a strong community which will provide a strong voice for regenerative nature friendly farming
    • We believe agriculture needs to be profitable and sustainable, and farmers should receive adequate payments for undertaking environmental and nature friendly activities
    • We are committed to demonstrate to the wider public what farmers can do to help wildlife, the environment and climate whilst still producing plentiful quality produce
    • We will seek to build markets for nature friendly farming products
    • We will encourage transparency in food supply chains to allow people to make informed sustainable food choices
    • We will demonstrate to decision makers the value of sustainable nature friendly farming to ensure there is support within government and the supply chain
    • We are committed to securing farming policies that support wildlife, sustainable agriculture and fairness for farmers
    • We will work to end damaging policies and practices and secure the multiple benefits of sustainable nature friendly farming
    • We will build a knowledge base, share research and offer advice, support, and training
    • We will explore innovative and improved ways of achieving agronomic, environmental and social benefits, whilst retaining valued aspects of tradition

    Act now and join the farming movement for positive policy change in support of nature and sustainable farming.

    Be part of the solution.

    Join today...

    Join Today
    Join Today

    Benefits for Farmers

    The Nature Friendly Farming Network provides a platform for members of the farming community to share their knowledge, attend training and events and spread the benefits of sustainable nature friendly farming at a national level. The community of like minded farmers can shape policy, take advantage of social media promotion and increase support for sustainable farming techniques. Joining NFFN is free.

    Join Now

    Not a Farmer? You can help too

    We would like to invite anyone interested in sustainable farming or environmental protection to join us and help ensure a sustainable environment for ourselves, our friends, our families and future generations. Joining NFFN is free.

    Join Now

    News, Profiles and Blog

    Find interesting reading in our blog, with regular updates on the progress of the project, opinion pieces, industry news and member profiles.

    Read Our Blog

    Training and Events

    We run events and training for our members across the UK and have something for all members of the family, industry professionals and enthusiasts. Use our events finder to find an event near you.

    Find Training & Events
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